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Wilma ManKiller Memorial Award

Wilma Pearl Mankiller was an activist who fought for the rights of American Indian/Alaska Natives and women. ManKiller was the first elected woman to serve as Deputy Chief and later Principal Chief of ... Read more

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Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy speaks with reporters about the recently ended legislative session on Thursday, May 19, 2022, in Juneau, Alaska. Read more

The Alaska Legislature in the waning hours of a four-month session has approved a state spending package. The budget includes payments to ... Read more

1 of 4 | Alaska Senate President Peter Micciche, left, and Senate Minority Leader Tom Begich,... (AP Photo/Becky Bohrer) Read more

Find out how many used cars dealers are in your home state, or read the national story here. Alaska by the numbers. - Used car dealers per 100k ... Read more

The Alaska Redistricting Board on Tuesday appealed its latest loss to the Alaska Supreme Court, arguing that Anchorage Superior Court Judge Thomas ... Read more

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