Tallassee AL

Tallassee AL
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Ala. mayor asks state agency to investigate officer who used Taser on handcuffed man at close range

Mayor Johnny Hammock is calling for a probe of Tallassee Police and the immediate termination of the offending officer. Read more

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The mayor of Tallassee is now turning to ALEA for help regarding what he thinks are “concerning” uses of force by his town's police department. Read more

The Tallassee Police Department is responding to online criticism after a video surfaced on social media showing officers tasing a man who was in handcuffs. Read more

Century-old church for sale in Selma for under $200,000 ... Read more

A South Texas ranch that just hit the market has deep Texas roots and totals almost 10,000 acres. The Arrowhead Ranch is located near Edinburg in the ... Read more

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