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Bentley offers very small ride for very small drivers

Bentley has a new offering for the tiniest future car enthusiast in your life so you can get them used to be chauffeured at a young age. Read more

A photo of the seat on the Bentley trike. An affordable convertible Bentley, how could it be? Photo: Bentley. The dream  Read more

The trike then crashed into the truck's left side. Alcohol and drugs do not appear to be a factor. Quick Links. Read more

Pneumatic tyres might be standard fitment in a Bentley car, but they're relative luxury in kids' trikes, and the Muillner machine goes a step further  Read more

Last year, Corning Credit Union won the event, taking home the grand prize, the Trike Trophy. "It's hilarious to watch some six foot tall lanky guy Read more

The Bentley trike itself isn't new, in fact, there are over eight different specs to choose from on its dedicated site, with the bottom of the range,  Read more

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