Less than a decade ago, it was the humans who appeared to have gained the clear edge in the fight — more than a century old — against the mosquito. But over the past few years, that progress has not Read more

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A batch of mosquitos collected from the north end of Los Penasquitos lagoon adjacent to Del Mar and parts of San Diego tested positive for West  Read more

Weather permitting the area will be treated to lessen the mosquito population in the impacted areas. The treatment will start on October 3 around 7  Read more

... of more people than any other on earth: the mosquito." They are testing new insecticides and ingenious new ways to deliver them. They are peer Read more

... mosquitoes as a result of all our unknown activities in mosquito breeding are highly favorable for Aedes mosquitoes to transmit dengue virus, he  Read more

The Mobile County Health Department detected the West Nile Virus in two coops of sentinel chickens used to detect mosquito-borne diseases. Read more