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Iran Should Be Worried: Israel Wants As Many As 50 F-15EX Fighter Jets

The Israelis still want the F-15EX fighter. The Israeli Ministry of Defense officially requested 25 F-15EX fighters from the US last January, but sources suggest that Israel intended to purchase Read more

Analysts and others say the move was likely instigated by a Chaldean Catholic militia leader with ties to Iran seeking a land grab. Sako and  Read more

to normalizing relations with Israel and also warned that if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, “we have to get one.” #saudiarabia #israel #iran About  Read more

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Iran's parliament on Wednesday approved a bill to impose heavier penalties on women who refuse to wear the mandatory  Read more

If approved by Iran's Guardian Council, it will further exacerbate the already suffocating surveillance and policing of women's bodies and require the  Read more