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Mel B took to the Spice Girls Instagram account to show off her love for leopard print ... Notice of Right to Opt Out of Sale/Sharing. Some states  - Read more ...

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Etawah (UP), Feb 27 (PTI) A two-year-old male leopard died in Etawah Lion Safari here, an official said on Tuesday. The leopard died on Monday night, a little over a month after it was rescued from Read more

Melanie Brown -- better known as Mel B, aka "Scary Spice" -- has a love for leopard prints, and she's letting the world know. Read more

Besides, it’s currently the sugarcane harvesting season and if the farmers spot any leopard cub, they should inform the local forest officers.” For breaking news and live news updates, like us on Read more

Brown goes on to show off her leopard-print oven gloves, backpack, coat, snuggie, slippers, couch, and even her nails. Since posting, the fun clip has  Read more

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A leopard is a large, carnivorous feline that is native to Africa and Asia. It is known for its distinctive spotted fur, which provides excellent camouflage in its natural habitat. Leopards are powerful and agile hunters, capable of taking down prey much larger than themselves. They are also skilled climbers and often drag their prey into trees to protect it from other predators. Leopards are solitary animals and are most active at dawn and dusk. They are a highly adaptable species and can be found in a variety of habitats, including forests, grasslands, and savannas. – Grok, January 2024

The leopard (Panthera pardus) is one of the five extant species in the genus Panthera. It has a pale yellowish to dark golden fur with dark spots grouped in rosettes. Its body is slender and muscular, reaching a length of 92–183 cm (36–72 in) with a 66–102 cm (26–40 in) long tail and a shoulder height of 60–70 cm (24–28 in). Males typically weigh 30.9–72 kg (68–159 lb), and females 20.5–43 kg (45–95 lb).

The leopard is a large cat closely related to the lion, tiger, and jaguar. It is adapted to a variety of habitats ranging from rainforest to steppe, including arid and montane areas. It is an opportunistic predator, hunting mostly ungulates and primates. It relies on its spotted pattern for camouflage as it stalks and ambushes its prey, which it sometimes drags up a tree. It is a solitary animal outside the mating season and when raising cubs.

The leopard is listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List because leopard populations are threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation, and are declining in large parts of the global range. – Bing, January 2024

“Leopard” can refer to a few different things:

1. The animal:

Scientifically: The leopard (Panthera pardus) is a large cat species belonging to the genus Panthera, along with lions, tigers, and jaguars. It’s known for its:
Appearance: Pale yellowish to dark golden fur with dark spots grouped in rosettes, a slender and muscular build, and a long tail.
Habitat: Found in Africa and Asia, inhabiting diverse environments like forests, savannas, and mountains.
Behavior: Solitary and mainly nocturnal, skilled climbers and ambush predators.

2. The tank:

The Leopard 2 is a third-generation German main battle tank known for its:
Powerful armament: A 120mm smoothbore cannon and advanced fire control systems.
Protection: High levels of armor and advanced defense systems.
Mobility: Excellent maneuverability and speed.

3. Other meanings:

“Leopard” can also refer to various objects or concepts named after the animal, like:
A print pattern resembling leopard spots.
A type of wood with a spotted grain.
A historical military society in Germany. – Google, January 2024

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